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11-May-2016, 20:05
received some great advice to take a workshop or seek a mentor in LF. I live in NJ but will travel to a reasonable destination. Would love to learn how to use my ROC carlton, load the film and how to process it. My email is the best way amlsml@verizon.net. thanks Would also take an online course !

12-May-2016, 04:17
Check out Tillman Crane's workshops -- http://www.tillmancrane.com/

Leszek Vogt
12-May-2016, 12:32
https://www.mainemedia.edu/workshops/photography (in Maine)

These folks go back to early 80's. Can't vouch for their current programs....and I do see quite a bit of digital curriculum. Good luck.


12-May-2016, 13:48
It looks like the ICP in Manhattan has a course in Large Format.


There is also an organization in Philadelphia (the name escapes me) that may have an appropriate program. They post here occasionally. I hope someone will know who I'm talking about, and chime in.

What you ask for is fairly basic. I think with a post in the "Groups & Meetings" forum you could find someone willing to help you out.

Bob Mann
12-May-2016, 14:10
Contact our own Ken Lee - I think he does one on one workshops tailored to your interest.

Peter Lewin
12-May-2016, 14:23
While I was going to ask the OP where in NJ he lives (I would love to be able to help him) his interest in LF was triggered by the ROC Carlton camera he was given (he had another thread to learn something about the camera), which is apparently not 4x5, and may not use normal film holders due to its age. I guess my question is aimed at both the OP and those on the forum familiar with really old equipment: how much does he need "custom information" versus the standard LF that he might find in workshops (or learn from any of us)?

12-May-2016, 15:47
Best workshop I ever attended was Michael Smith and Paula Chamlee. A weekend with them is like two weeks elsewhere.

peter schrager
12-May-2016, 23:27
I second Micael and Paula and Tillman Crane; all first class acts!!
Best, peter

13-May-2016, 06:32
ICP has some great courses and a really nice facility to boot. (I teach there, but not LF)

14-May-2016, 06:22
Andy - check out Steve Sherman - he's close by and you won't be disappointed:


p.s. Many here have glowing reviews of his workshops.

Peter Lewin
14-May-2016, 11:55
Everyone: Andy emailed me directly, and while I will respond to him directly, I am posting this in the interest of "crowd-sourcing." Here is part of what Andy wrote: 'My carlton has 5 wooden cassette, they measure 6 1/2, 81/2, but a friend thinks they may require glass plate?" While all of you have been recommending courses in LF photography, I don't have the background to know whether the unusual film size, and potential for needing glass plates, will be resolved in any normal class (I've taken workshops with Fred Picker, Bill Abranowicz, and Sally Mann, and none of them would have been directly applicable in this rather specialized case). I've been shooting 4x5 for close to 40 years, but don't know if Andy will have to cut his own film, what to do if the holders really need glass plates, and whether there are adaptors that might allow his wooden holders to accept 4x5 or 5x7 film, or if he may even have to get involved with x-ray film due to the odd size. Speaking on behalf of someone I have never met, I think it would be appropriate if someone with experience in these areas responds.

Jon Shiu
14-May-2016, 12:21
Yes there are film inserts that will convert a plate holder to a film holder. Also, there are reducing film holders to adapt to smaller size film. The inserts may be hard to find in whole/full plate size, but may sometimes be found on ebay, or wtb ad here. Also, I have heard of people loading the film on top of the plate, not sure how well that would work.


Jim Noel
14-May-2016, 13:48
full plate film is available via the Ilford ULF specialorder.