View Full Version : What are these small wooden frame-things?

Marco Milazzo
10-May-2016, 16:38
I don't want to toss them if they're useful, but I have no idea what they're for. Any ideas?

Outside dimensions are 175mm X 120mm (6.88 X 4.72 inches). Inside dimensions are 120mm X 95mm (4.72 X 3.74 inches)


10-May-2016, 17:00
they look like home made ground glass frames that you could insert in the camera (like a film holder) to composes your shot. Something like this could be used on a polaroid conversion, etc.

10-May-2016, 17:06
Focusing screens, to be inserted in an older spring back? Are there grooves on the edges?

Marco Milazzo
10-May-2016, 18:55
Nope, no grooves. The focusing back idea seems plausible.