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6-May-2016, 09:40
Hi Guys,

I need some help, in fact a LOT of help.

I'm going to build a 10x8 folding large format field camera and i donít know where to start in terms of dimensions.
Iíve spent the last week or so trawling the internet to find and download plenty of images of all sorts of 10x8 cameraís from different angles to give me an idea (and i use that phrase lightly) in terms of designs, but what i NEED now is DIMENSIONS.

As for materials i am going to build a wooden version, and when this is finished, or maybe in parallel i want to build one with composite plastics materials, carbon fibre etc. i would ideally want to build a camera with a rotating back, but i will look at this option later, as i my go down the road of manually changing the position of the back.

Is their anyone out there who would be willing to point me in the direction of where i can find some information on the sizes and dimensions for the front and back standards??, where can i get bellows, suppliers of gears to make a fine focus adjustments, suppliers for buttons and knobs, ground glass, long springs for holding the back to the camera (not sure of the technical term for this).

Any information on the critically important ground glass film backs and the positions of the holder.

Basically i need links to any and all information on building a 10x8 camera, even if you think itís something small send me the link.

If there is anyone out there willing to send me links on where i can get any of this information for me to start this project it would be much appreciated.

If there is anyone able or willing to help me, can you PM me or post links in this thread

Many thanks for your time.

All the best


Louis Pacilla
6-May-2016, 09:48
Try the DIY section and post the same question.

Have you done a search because I can think of several threads that go over the making of 8x10 cameras. Vinny a active member here has made one heck of an 8x10 folder so there is one.

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Oren Grad
6-May-2016, 09:49
Welcome to the Forum, Mike!

There's no one design or set of dimensions for an 8x10 camera; there are many possibilities. You might begin with the existing discussions here on the topic and then continue with any specific questions you have. Here are a couple of recent examples:



Also, this thread may provide inspiration and ideas:


Oren Grad
6-May-2016, 09:50
Try the DIY section and post the same question.

Thread moved while you were posting!

6-May-2016, 10:07
Hi Louis,

Many thanks, my first step on the road has started, many thanks for your time and info.

All the best


6-May-2016, 12:54
Thanks Oren,

Thanks for the response, sorry for posting in the wrong section.

New boy in class, not paying attention. :)