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4-May-2016, 13:25
Photostock 2016
Harbor Springs/Cross Village, Michigan
June 16 - 19, 2016


it's time to make the official announcement for Photostock2016 (http://www.photostockfest.com)!

As many of you know, this event began as with a forum post back in 2006 inviting people for a gathering in my woods in northern Michigan. Well, it's come a long way since then.... This year, we again have a lot going on with three workshops planned and a great group of very exciting photographers and educators presenting.

This year we have the ever interesting and influential, A.D. Coleman (http://www.photocritic.com). Never a stranger to controversy, Mr. Coleman will be sharing with us his Alternate History: Robbert Capa on D-Day as well as participating in a panel discussion and the general event.

I'm also very pleased to have the great Mark Citret (http://www.mcitret.com) with us, not only to present his work and new book, "Parallel Landscapes", but to teach a one-day field workshop on "Finding Your Vision" (http://www.photostockfest.com/?page_id=937). Spend a day with Mark out shooting in beautiful northern Michigan!

There will also be a one-day, Alternative Process Sampler (http://www.photostockfest.com/?page_id=970) Workshop on June 15th in the new workshop facility for those interested in getting their hands wet in several processes with hands-on demonstrations where you'll take hope prints and plates of your work. Rebecca Zeiss, Clint Burhans and myself will be helping you make them.

Then, starting on June 19th, Kerik Kouklis and his perhaps even more talented daughter, Sarah will be teaching a three-day shop on Platinum/Palladium printing (http://www.photostockfest.com/?page_id=890).

This will all be followed by three days of cameras, shooting and prints beginning June 16th and running through the weekend. Featured Presenters this year include, A.D. Coleman, Mark Citret, Tom Halsted, Bill Breseler, Patricia Lay-Dorsey, Robin V. Robinson, Martha Casanaves, Rebecca Zeiss and more to be announced.

Discounted registration continues through this Sunday, May 8th. So save yourself $20 and sign up now!
***This year we will also have the option of a spectacular breakfast and dinner onsite on Friday and Saturday provided by the award winning Etta's Kitchen. Look into buying meal tickets when you register and save yourself a lot of driving and waiting in restaurants.

www.photostockfest.com (http://www.photostockfest.com)

Thank you and I hope to see you this summer!!!

All best, Bill Schwab

Kirk Gittings
4-May-2016, 15:31
one of these days........

5-May-2016, 09:25
one of these days........
You know how cool that would be, right? Say the word and we'll get you on the roster. ;)

Kirk Gittings
5-May-2016, 12:40
Thanks Bill! I don't mean to sound ludicrous but possibly 2018?

7-May-2016, 06:09
Thanks Bill! I don't mean to sound ludicrous but possibly 2018?

Not ludicrous at all. Due to other commitments, that's probably the earliest I'll be able to get back up there. :eek:

7-May-2016, 10:11
Cannot make it again this year but soon. I hope soon. Bill just seems to make this event better and better! Someone look for me name in the plaque. :-)