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Eric Biggerstaff
4-May-2016, 12:18

I wanted to take a moment to post this in case someone may not get Alan's email letters, this was a big hit last summer and has now expanded to two different sessions. Alan and Julie are great to be with and anyone going is sure to not only learn a great deal about photography but will have a lot of fun as well.



Alan Ross is an internationally respected photographer and educator who worked side-by-side with American legend Ansel Adams as his photographic assistant.

Alan will be sharing his extensive knowledge and expertise in two special workshops this summer in Irelandóa field session and a black-and-white darkroom printing session.

"Exploring Your Photographic Vision," (July 23 - 26) is a field workshop based in and around Dublin and County Wicklow that will cover everything from evaluating a scene to calculating exposure to finishing and presentation. It is open to both film and digital workers wanting to explore their photographic vision and perfect their technique in the making of an expressive image.

"Crafting the Fine Silver Print," (July 30 - August 2) is a master black-and-white printing workshop for anyone with a working knowledge of darkroom fundamentals and some printing experience who wants to improve his or her silver-gelatin printing technique. Alan will take you through the process from start to finish and each participant will have access to a dedicated enlarger for the duration of the workshop. Alan will also be demonstrating his Selective Masking technique and helping you add it to your printing "bag of tricks." The workshop will be held at Studio 120, a professional darkroom located just outside Waterford.

Both workshops are hands-on with lots of time built in for you to practice what youíre learning. Alan will be there every step of the way, helping you successfully express your photographic vision.

Heíll also clarify and demystify the techniques and approaches that tend to confuse people (exposure and the Zone System, for example), and to make those techniques relevant to your photography.

To make it easier to attend, early bird pricing is available through May 15th, and additional discounts are offered to any of Alanís former workshop students and to those who sign up for both sessions. Those registering by May 15th will also be eligible for a special bonus session either before or after the workshop ($500 value).

If youíd like to move your photography forward under Alanís expert and patient guidance, read on for brief descriptions of each workshop. Full details and the registration information can be found on Alanís website, www.alanrossphotography.com/workshops/location-workshops

Rafal Lukawiecki
5-May-2016, 10:43
Thanks for posting it, Eric! In case anyone has any questions regarding the location or logistics, feel free to get in touch with me, as I am the one trying to help Alan deliver these workshops in Ireland, once again. Yes, last year's went very well for all involved.

All I can add is that the field workshop is filling up nicely, so please consider it before the "early bird" date. On that note, I have just heard from Alan that the deadline is moving 1 week forward to 22 May as the darkroom workshop, which still has good availability, warrants a short extension.

Either way, an opportunity not to miss if you have ever wanted to learn from one of the masters and if you would like to do it in one of the prettiest countries. It is also the centenary of the Republic of Ireland, so there will be much happening around to keep your travelling partners busy, if need be.

Rafal Lukawiecki
28-Jun-2016, 09:32
The camera field-work workshop is now full, and we have people travelling from all over the world.

Alan still has a few spaces on the darkroom workshop. If you fancy 4 intensive days in Waterford, please consider joining. This is a unique chance to learn and practice (everyone gets an enlarger) your darkroom skills under Mr Alan Ross's watchful eye in beautiful Ireland:

Crafting the Fine Silver Print, Waterford, 30 JulyĖ2 August, 2016 (http://www.alanrossphotography.com/workshops/location-workshops/crafting-the-fine-silver-print-waterford-ireland-late-july-2016/)

PS. Alan may also be able to accommodate 1 or 2 people for a one-to-one day of photography and learning while he is in Ireland, please get in touch if you are interested. Last year three APUGers did that and I think they were very pleased.