View Full Version : MOD54: 2 kinds of plastic have been used. Should I care? Why?

3-May-2016, 17:02
I am in the market for a MOD54. I understand that this comes in two versions with two kinds of plastic depending on the model - old or new.

What is the difference between the original harder plastic and the new polyethylene?

Should I care?



Steve Goldstein
3-May-2016, 18:11
I haven't seen the newer version but I am quite certain that dropping my original version might be fatal (to it, not to me). The plastic is quite hard and likely somewhat brittle.

3-May-2016, 18:12
I have and use both. I find the more current one easier to load. I've never had a problem with either.


3-May-2016, 19:22
I bought one of the early ones . It had stress whitening from being stuck in the injection molding tool. You could see where the ejector pins pushed on the part. I sent it back to B&H . I have been very pleased with Jobo 2509n reels . NOTE I USE IR GOGGLES . I don't think I could load either without the goggles .
I'm hooked on the Jobo processor and tanks. However I developed tons of sheets with hangers and hard rubber tanks .
Best regards Mike .