View Full Version : ULF PHOTO WAREHOUSE Ultrafine

3-May-2016, 08:28
Has anyone used this company for ULF and supplies?

Thanks, Steve

Pete Roody
3-May-2016, 10:03
A long time ago they cut film to order for any size. I have used it for ULF. It was Ilford FP4 renamed as Ultrafine. They used to buy manufacturing rolls that were too small to be processed through Ilford's cutting machines. Once the word got out that it was FP4, Ilford stopped supplying them.

3-May-2016, 10:08
Who would be the best source for placing an order for 7x17 FP4? Ideally like to use one that accepts paypal.

Pete Roody
3-May-2016, 11:09
I believe Ilford still has the special order for ULF sizes active. You can order through Ilford's dealers.


Lachlan 717
4-May-2016, 02:40
Ilford ULF order for another couple of weeks.

karl french
4-May-2016, 05:57
The Ilford ULF Special order window is open until the 26th. You'll wait until September or October to see the film.

Adox ULF sizes should be back in stock at Fotoimpex by the end of May. Probably about a 4 week wait, since I suspect there will be bit of pent up demand.