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2-May-2016, 07:06
This site's recent offline time has me wondering. Is the forum backed up somewhere safe, in a different location? I was a member of another niche forum that suddenly went offline last year (the host went belly up) and we found out the owners never had a backup. The forum was lost forever, except for a few measly scraps in the wayback.

I made a personal backup of the old Greenspun forum before it migrated, just in case. Should I do the same here?

Ralph Barker
2-May-2016, 08:24
The system is backed up automatically every morning - around 06:00, as I recall. The backups go onto a separate disk, so Tom has been able to recover most, if not all of the data even in the event of a system crash, which we experienced a while back. We run on private servers provided by a benefactor, so we are not subject to the situation of an ISP going bankrupt.