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29-Apr-2016, 23:53
This is my first post in this forum. Let me introduce myself.
My name is Giorgio and I live in Leghorn, Toscana, Italia.
After a period shooting LF with DIY pinhole camera, I start working with a 9X12 Fotokor.
Some days ago, my lovely wife gave me a Graflex Super Grafic camera as gift for my (second) master degree. So now I'm really a large format photographer :p
I'm happy to share with all of you my attempts to shoot a decent photo and to learn a lot from your experience.


peter schrager
30-Apr-2016, 02:27

Tim Meisburger
30-Apr-2016, 02:47
Welcome to the forum. We look forward to seeing your work!

peter schrager
30-Apr-2016, 03:16
giorgio there's lots to learn here...some of these characters really know their stuff...(me included) so glad to have you!
just remember the first 10,000 negatives are just for practice!!
best, peter

John Kasaian
30-Apr-2016, 08:07
Welcome aboard!

Renato Tonelli
30-Apr-2016, 13:56

2-May-2016, 00:34
Thanks to all for the warm wellcome! See you soon...