View Full Version : An adaptor to fit Polaroid 600SE back to Graflok back?

David Wolf
29-Apr-2016, 13:09
Hi all,

Does such an adaptor exist that would allow me to use my Polaroid 600SE back on a view camera fitted with a Graflok back? A quick search shows a Mamiya Universal "G" adaptor, but I think this allows a Graflok back to be fitted to the Polaroid camera, rather than the Polaroid back to a view camera?

I haven't seen the "G" in person, so it's a little confusing to try to envision how the pieces would come together. My apologies if my question seems a bit muddled. My intent is to use the Polaroid back I have to proof 4x5 work with Fuji 100C, rather than buy a new or old 145 back. (With the instant thing now near extinction for 4x5, everything has become really silly price-wise.) Yes, I could just use the 600SE, but I think it might be more useful as a beginning LF person to have a proofing back on the view camera to check how well I've focused, composed and lit what I'm shooting.

Here's the Polaroid back I have, showing the mounts that would need to be adapted for Graflok use.

Thanks for your considered advice and suggestions!

Oren Grad
29-Apr-2016, 16:53
The G adapter is for mounting baby Graflok (2x3 form factor) rollholders on the 600SE. It's not relevant to your 600SE packfilm back.

Are you aware that FP-100C has recently been discontinued in the 3.25x4.25" size as well? It's still available for now, but at an increasingly steep premium - for example, B&H is showing it back-ordered with indefinite shipping delay, at $24.99 per pack.

David Wolf
30-Apr-2016, 12:05
Thanks for the reply, Oren. Guess I'll just have to keep looking for an appropriate, "reasonably" priced back to go along with the vanishing film ~