View Full Version : JOBO the B+W Manual (Item no. 4191) and instructions for ATL 2000

28-Apr-2016, 12:19
Hi I am back in LF photography, opening the boxes and trying to set a photo-lab. I have a brand new old stock Jobo ATL 2000 but no instruction manual, no repair manual and it would be great
if someone had scanned these and could send me a copy. I did download the PDF from Jobo but it looks incomplete,but it mentions a very intriguing reference to a B+W manual (ref 4191)
and naturally I would love to be able to read it.
My first trial ended up in acrid white smoke (I expected it!) the culprit was the Schaffner AC/DC filter ..the capacitor did not hold the charge, I ordered a new one but feel far from being safe so maybe I will need
an repair manual.
As to operate the machine I have no clue how long it will take to learn, I hope to be able to read a much as I can about the Atl but information is scarce, I will do my best to provide some when I can and share my experience with future users.
So if you are already experienced with this amazing machine please share and instructions are welcomed :)

Keith Tapscott.
29-Apr-2016, 23:13
The Jobo B&W Manual (Art No. 4191) is very difficult to find. Good luck with your search and let us know if you find a copy.

2-May-2016, 10:08

2-May-2016, 10:20
Well it's a bit sad that no one in Jobo did take the time to scan the book and make it public domain, I did a second test after replacing the Schaffner with a new one from Mouser electronics and this time it didn't blow up, it is indeed rather straightforward to use. What I learned from different forums is that Jobo decided after running numerous tests that a 5 minute prewash is enough to balance the rotation of the drum and that the timing and dilutions offered from film makers can then be used as a good start, and also that Xtol is recommended a a well proofed chemical since it was tested with the Jobo. For my part I was mostly going to do 4X5 inch black and white negatives and having all these nice bottles ready to use I will experiment with a 4 bath process..Also being in Berlin I hope to meet some film fanatics. Naturally Keith I will share all I can find :)