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27-Apr-2016, 16:19
I've lost several screws from various Sinar P and F standards over the years and am looking to replace them

The ones I need hold on the cover plates on the P function carrier blocks (same as the ones that hold the cover plates on the F frames) and can be seen in the attached photo

Can anyone here help me with the size so I can order some replacements?


27-Apr-2016, 16:45
Contact Sinar. Many times they and others will just send you replacements as a good will gesture. Of course the opposite may come to fruition: "$12.95 minimal shipping and handling fees" for one little screw I needed. Part was "free" and the plain white envelope it came in had basic First Class postage stamp on it.

27-Apr-2016, 17:08
Thanks but sadly there is no Sinar in US anymore. Dealers need to order from Sinar in Switzerland. I'd have to contact a dealer and convince them to order a couple tiny screws for a 40 year old camera.
I'm sure these are basic metric screws, just need to know the size and will order some.
There are plenty of Sinar users on this forum and plenty with detailed knowledge and/or the ability to measure a screw.

27-Apr-2016, 17:59
Sinar Switzerland is incredibly responsive. My experience with them related to Eyelike and Sinar digital backs, as well as to the Sinar P camera. They responded within a day, and sent the calibration files I needed. I am sure they will answer your questions, and perhaps send you the screws at no charge. I also have a Sinar service catalog, and can send it to you if you give me your email address.


28-Apr-2016, 01:11
Very responsive but as I expected

So if anyone can help out I'm still looking

"Dear Adam,

Thank you for contacting Sinar Photography AG.
Please let us know where you are located and we will forward your inquiry to the Sinar-Reseller in your country for local support."

28-Apr-2016, 15:56
Doesn't the catalog(s) I sent you list the part you need? I didn't look thorough it myself, but it seemed to be very detailed.


28-Apr-2016, 16:00
Yes, and that's the reply I got when I asked for that part

Will be getting them from Precision