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26-Apr-2016, 12:00
I have a Plexiglass Kostiner Archival Print Washer. See attached image.

This plexiglass adapter came loose with the washer. I have to assume that it inserts into the bottom side of the washer.
Shorter round tune with tiny ID into the washer?
Longer round tube with larger ID to attach the water hose to?
What does the rectangular piece of Plexiglass with the small hole in it do?


26-Apr-2016, 12:55
It takes a threaded nylon bolt that screws tight / unscrews to allow the flow of water to suck air in which creates bubbles that rise, around the prints, in the tank for turbulence.

26-Apr-2016, 15:10
Correct, long tube jammed into washer, short to water feed, small hole is air vent that will also slowly drain washer with small stream from it with water off...

These are designed to be used inside of a drained catch area, such as a strong leveled flat bottom sink, not stand alone in a dry area.

As with any washer of it's type, assume that there is always a chance of a rupture failure, so it's catch basin should be able to catch most all of it's contents before the flood happens... Basin should have a 3" or 4" drain for fast drainage...

A good safety precaution to add to a washer is a strong band (like a large ty-wrap) around the top and bottom sides to hold washer together if a seam failed and a side panel fell... It does not have to be tight, just there as a safety, so the contents drain a little slower and not gush fourth in a great wave...

Steve K

26-Apr-2016, 17:17
thanks for info...

Tomorrow trip to local hardware store to pick up that threaded nylon bolt.

26-Apr-2016, 18:38
Mine appears to be 9mm long and is split for 6mm from the end, in such a way as to fit tighter for the last few turns. If you need to get one longer, an O ring snugged up to the bolt head would help seal in needed.

26-Apr-2016, 20:24
But you don't need the screw, either... As Bill posted, it adds the air bubbles, but since there's no drain unless you pull out this bulkhead, that the washer will stay filled when not in use, which is not a good idea as it puts strain on the washer between uses, and IF it lets go when one is not around, it can be a much worse situation if not cleaned up ASAP... Leaving the screw out slowly drains it after use... And make sure the water feed line hose does not put too much strain on this fairly weak connector (they can break!!!)...

I have been in different labs/workspaces during and after different archival washer ruptures, and quite a mess it leaves!!!! (I'm scared straight into being careful with them!!!!!!!!!!!)

Steve K

27-Apr-2016, 07:28
Correct, long tube jammed into washer, short to water feed, small hole is air vent that will also slowly drain washer with small stream from it with water off... Steve K

By the way if you reverse that plexiglass fitting, water squirts out of the the aerator hole.

27-Apr-2016, 07:54
Yes it is hard to deny gravity!

21-May-2016, 17:23
I retreived recently an old Kostiner 1983 catalog. Here the page for the washer.
I have this model, the water entry is also the outlet. I think they do a second version with a separate water outlet.
The screw was missing also on mine, I replace it with a nylon bolt with a 1/4" lengh of latex yellow tubing (small caliber), unless it was leaking. Also the washer had a small crack in the hole, I reglue it with a piece of plexiglas over to reinforce the thin wall.
Even if it is illustrated to do that in the catalog, I never remove the adapter or the hose from the adapter, I put a small hose with a quick connector and this is that part that I disconnect when I wish to drain the washer. I think that only by the small hole, it will take a day to drain.

I don't trust plexiglas washer outside sink (I saw too many acrylic display cases that walls open). So my 20x24 and 16x20 washers are in a big and deep stainless tub.