View Full Version : "Taming the SEI meter" by Fred PIcker

Victor Loverro
24-Apr-2016, 20:15
There was some discussion recently about how to use the SEI meter. For anyone interested I have a copy of a letter sent to me by Fred Picker on how to set up and use the SEI meter with a zone system scale. I would be happy to send a copy to anyone interested. It seems there are still a few of these around and in use.

Jerry Bodine
25-Apr-2016, 12:59
Victor, from a previous thread about this meter there was this (http://www.jackandbeans.com/sei_picker.pdf) link to a pdf of Fred's "Taming ..."

But if your letter adds any useful info it'd be a good addition to any SEI user's library.

Victor Loverro
25-Apr-2016, 20:23
I did not see that. But, yes, that is the same information I have. Sorry to duplicate. I followed the instructions on an SEI meter I had once and it worked well for me. Thanks for the heads up.

Bill Burk
25-Apr-2016, 21:29

Thanks Victor.

I'm sure it's workable advice, but Fred Picker always had a problem with people like me. I have to do things my own way, and some of his methods only work if you do it his way...