View Full Version : Darkroom sign Rescue looks lie 40's or 50's

22-Apr-2016, 14:55

22-Apr-2016, 15:00
Never needed such in my corporate darkroom because it had a large revolving light-proof door.
The individual film developing rooms had inside locks.

22-Apr-2016, 15:35
I want it, and whatever is behind it.

John Olsen
22-Apr-2016, 16:21
I don't need it, but I want one too.

John Jarosz
22-Apr-2016, 16:27
I want one too, but I think there's a version that says 'Don't let the dark out'. That's the one I really want. :)

25-Apr-2016, 17:24
The sign came from University Camera in Iowa City, one of Roger's (Owner) 10 million quality used high class items (Junque) he has re-purposed over the last 40 years. It came out of the University of Iowa, probably medical. I just put a cord and a couple of 15W bulbs in it and have it sitting on a shelf in my studio. I suppose I could put it up outside my darkroom door. I just love looking at it.
I had a "Don't let the Dark Out" sign in the 70's, I need to look for a vintage version.
Darkrooms are so much fun.

John Jarosz
25-Apr-2016, 17:44
University Camera and Roger are great!!!!!!!