View Full Version : Stereo pinhole camera?

21-Apr-2016, 13:47
Just noodling ideas here: as I have some 5*12" film arriving soon, and I don't have a lens that will cover that width, the thought of pinholes occurs to me - either a single central pinhole for a wide angle panorama, or two pinholes and a central divider to make a stereoscopic pair.

Knocking something up shouldn't be too difficult, but I'm looking for ideas to allow me to make multiple exposures. The obvious approach is to make some sort of film holder/dark slide combo and preload them, but any other other ideas?


21-Apr-2016, 18:32

A possible single pinhole design?

22-Apr-2016, 11:12
Yeah, that's an immediate thought for a single pinhole, but a stereoscope would have to be flat.

I think I might have to play with some film holder designs. Foamboard is probably my friend.