View Full Version : Show by "Silent Walker" Greg Hindy in Hartford, Conn. - April 28 - May 3

Jim Graves
20-Apr-2016, 13:09
Greg Hindy walked across the United States from New Hampshire to California and then walked back -photographing the entire trip with a 4x5 camera as he went. Took nearly 2000 images.

His journey is well chronicled on Facebook and on this Forum in the "On Photography" thread.

Exhibit info:

Broad Street Gallery
1289 Broad Street
Hartford, Connecticut

Begins Thursday April 28, 2016 through May 3, 2016

In the "Events" notice it lists the start of the exhibit as "4:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m." on April 28 so I assume that is the opening reception with Greg in attendance.

Sponsored by Trinity College ... for further information contact: Tracy.Quigley@trincoll.edu

Jim Graves
25-Apr-2016, 22:17
Some more info from the Facebook page today:

"Thursday, April 28th at 6:30 pm: Artist's Talk and Slide Show will take place at Austin Arts Center Auditorium 320, Trinity College, Hartford, CT. This will be followed by an opening reception at the Broad Street Gallery, 1289 Broad Street, Hartford, CT.

Prints will continue to be exhibited on Friday through Monday. Please call or email to arrange a time to visit. Greg will open the Gallery and quite probably meet with you. Greg can be emailed directly at hindy.greg@gmail.com"