View Full Version : Arca style Kessler Video quick release adapted to a Manfrotto 410

Kirk Gittings
19-Apr-2016, 11:05
I've long been a fan of The Manfrotto 410 tripod head but not the RC4 clamp/plate assembly. After decades of perfect function, I had one fail without any warning and dump a 4k camera/lens onto a cement floor on a commercial shoot in Southern AZ.

I prefer an Arca style clamp/plate assembly. This is a great adaption I came up with. It is the best of both worlds-a bulletproof Kessler Video clamp bolted on to the Manfrotto base ground flat and bolted on. (http://www.kesslercrane.com/kwik-release) it weighs less than my original Hejnar converter I talked about in an earlier thread.

This combo is so sweet. The camera clicks in securely and then clamps down tight with the lever.





The Hejnar adapter. This works great but the tightening knob is hard for me to tighten with my arthritic thumb as it sits almost flush with my field camera base. Plus it does not have the added security of the secure capture then lock mechanism: