View Full Version : Where can I find 4x5 developing trays in the Toronto area?

18-Apr-2016, 18:29

To make a long story short : I have a challenge find three 4x5 inch developping trays in the Toronto's area

Would can help by putting me on right tracks ?

Where can I found that ?


18-Apr-2016, 18:37
Just to avoid confusion : When I say "challenge" I didn't mean it was a game. I need this tray but it's look like a challenge to find them

18-Apr-2016, 18:46
grocery store Tupperware / leftover trays. they have lids and are 5x7 in size

Fred L
18-Apr-2016, 20:02
presume you've tried Henrys and Downtown Camera ? too bad you didn't go to the camera show on Sunday, pretty sure I saw lots of darkroom equipment (but not enlargers).

John Kasaian
18-Apr-2016, 22:00
If you've got the room, kitty litter trays work nicely. If they have to be 4x5, IIRC the Creme Puffs sold in the refrigerated section at the super market come in plastic containers close to 4x5, but they'll be deep

Doremus Scudder
19-Apr-2016, 04:23
Are you looking for trays to develop 4x5 film in, or are you looking for trays that are actually 4x5 inches in size?

If the latter, then I don't even know of any.

If the former, then look for 5x7 or 8x10 trays. I prefer deep Paterson 5x7 trays for developing 4x5-inch film, but many like larger 8x10-inch trays.

If there's not a local camera shop that carries trays, then mail order them from one of the reputable shops. Watch out for cheap trays that may have rough spots or flashing on them and can scratch film (as I said, I like the Paterson trays; Cesco trays are great too).

You can also get by with Tupperware or other containers. The drawback is usually they have flat bottoms that the film will sometimes get stuck to.

If you need something immediately and can't get real photo trays, then a trip to the local kitchen shop seems in order.



19-Apr-2016, 19:12
thanks to all. I'll have a look

20-Apr-2016, 09:46
4x5 developing trays do exist. I have a stack that came with an old Ansco home developing kit.

bob carnie
20-Apr-2016, 09:55
Call Gallery 44 - they may have extra sets around