View Full Version : Set-up for contact printing on 16x20 paper

Bogdan Karasek
18-Apr-2016, 06:22
I recently acquired several boxes of ADOX 16x20 paper and a 16x20 vacuum contact printing frame with vacuum pump. Until now, I have printed 8x10 contact sheets using my Omega D2v as the light source. Obviously, the sheer size of the 16x20 frame prohibits me from using it under the enlarger, so I am thinking that I should make a dedicated contact printing set-up using an overhead bulb as the source of illumination.

If anybody has a similar set-up using a overhead bulb, I would welcome any input, ideas, pictures.


peter schrager
18-Apr-2016, 13:06
I use a 15 watt light bulb for graded and a 200 watt for Azo with a pulley and a long wire...move up or down as required
facile No??
best, peter

Daniel Stone
18-Apr-2016, 15:00
What Peter said