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18-Apr-2016, 04:48

This weekend I did my first large format boudoir session. Feedback is most welcome, as this is my first time doing this.

Camera: Chamonix 45n-2
Lens: Schneider 150mm
F-stop: 5.6
Shutter: 1/8
Filter: Light Yellow
Film: Ilford HP5 Plus 400 - pulled 90 seconds in development
Shadow EV: 5.3
Midtone EV: 6.6
Highlight EV: 11
Developer: Kodak D-76
Scanner: Epson V700

I posted all the details out on the blog (http://www.raylarose.com/2016/04/ilford-hp5-plus/), for those interested.

18-Apr-2016, 11:43
Lovely image !

Pose, lighting and framing are beautifully done.
Position of the model in relation to the corner of the room seems just right.
The model's expression fits the scene nicely.
Choice of image toning is very pleasing.

Never would have guessed this was a "first session".
I imagine you must have thought this image thru very carefully.

The only "critical" comment might be that the lighting on the model's face and front of her body seems slightly subdued considering she is sitting before a bright window. However, this was not my initial observation... only noticed this after several views. I'm not sure this is valid suggestion, as the image has a definite mood that could change (or be lost) with manipulation.

BTW: I don't have experience in boudoir photography...
- just responding to what I think is well done.
Hopefully, others with more experience will comment.

18-Apr-2016, 12:10
Thank you so much Dennis, I appreciate that feedback. I've never tried Boudoir before, never mind doing it with LF. But yes, I did really think about this a long time - moved the camera to about a dozen different positions before taking the shot. Scary, thinking it was the one and only click I made with the LF! I did shoot a handful in MF which are going out to the lab tonight. We also did 2 more LF photos on Saturday - but neither were boudoir. Just a couple outside clicks.

Thanks again for the nice feedback.