View Full Version : LF Stores in NYC

17-Apr-2016, 11:02
Can anyone advise on current camera stores in NYC (Manhattan) who are LF friendly and knowledgeable ?


Bob Salomon
18-Apr-2016, 10:31
Foto Care can help you.

19-Apr-2016, 10:56
Foto Care can help you.

Renato Tonelli
21-Apr-2016, 05:48
Fotocare may be the only place left in NYC. They usually have several LF gear that they sell on consignment. They also have some staff knowledgeable on LF: Tommy and of course the owner, Jeff Hirsch. Very friendly place.

21-Apr-2016, 09:36
For film, B&H has plenty in stock.
They also have used lenses, cameras and other LF gear for sale.
The salespeople there are pretty knowledgeable within their departments.

Keith Fleming
21-Apr-2016, 18:57
If the intent is to visit B&H in the immediate future, the store is closed for Passover and won't reopen for business until May 1st. I believe on-line transactions will not be processed until May 1st.


23-Apr-2016, 08:07
Thanks all

23-Apr-2016, 17:42
Don't forget Andy at Adorama. See Chris at B&H. Both handle the used camera department and knowledgable in LF..