View Full Version : Color analiser or not color analyser

16-Apr-2016, 03:49


16-Apr-2016, 07:03

Renato Tonelli
16-Apr-2016, 07:08
Do you print color? If not I would advise an RH Designs-type of analyses for B&W.

I am very familiar with the Jobo Analyzer you linked to and it is a very good one. For B&W it is overkill; in fact I don't use it anymore.

Oren Grad
16-Apr-2016, 16:59
For the record: the device linked in the opening post is the Jobo ColorLine 7000 analyzer.

Dan O'Farrell
18-Apr-2016, 11:44
How about the Darkroom Automation meter/analyser/densitometer, also available for pyro negatives?


21-Apr-2016, 00:28
Is it a durable thing?


Dan O'Farrell
21-Apr-2016, 15:16
I like it.
It's an Ipod-sized item, like a pocket calculator.
Durable? I don't know, like a pocket calculator, you don't bounce it off the floor.

Like the timer from DA, I'm happy with it.

I like it, and it works for me. This is just a suggestion, not a commitment.

The other ideas are worth just as much value to your wish-list.


23-Apr-2016, 15:36
To determine filter settings I need 3or 4 samples without any analyser. Then the film is correctly determined. Some years ago I wrote an instruction guide concerning filter settings, but it is in German. Still Iīm rather proud of it. If anybody is interested I can try to publish it here or answer any questions.
The fact is that you can combine from 150 settings of yellow and 150 settings of magenta a result of 22500 Combinations and only one is the right one.
So nearly everybody stays in B&W. Thatīs a pity. Nobody will talk with me about colour printing