View Full Version : Montreal Show - Bob Carnie

bob carnie
14-Apr-2016, 12:54

For those of you close to Montreal or visiting, I will be present on Fri 22 evening and Sat 23 afternoon.

These are all enlarger based Print Solarizations .



14-Apr-2016, 14:05
i will try to come

Kirk Gittings
14-Apr-2016, 14:18
Goodfor you Bob! Wish I could be there.

gene LaFord
14-Apr-2016, 15:04
Sorry I will have to miss this Bob... I'm a little further away from Canada now!

Leszek Vogt
14-Apr-2016, 22:17
Bob, can I take a rain check till Sept ?


peter schrager
14-Apr-2016, 22:48
Great mr carnie

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Monty McCutchen
15-Apr-2016, 16:28
Congratulations Bob! I love this work of yours. I'm glad it is getting a show as it is well deserved.

I only wish I could make it.