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13-Apr-2016, 07:03
Hi everyone,

I'm James and I just wanted to introduce myself as a newbie on this site. Thought it was about time to try my hand with a movement camera so I'm just about to enter the LF world (well nearly anyway) with a Super Technika 6x9.

I'm both digital and analogue with 35mm rangefinders and a trusty Rolleiflex T for MF. Develop and scan both 35mm and MF myself hence the 6x9.

No doubt I will learn a lot here so thanks in advance!


13-Apr-2016, 08:11
Hi, James. Welcome. Yorkshire is one of my favorite place to photograph. I've never done so with LF, however, so I will be envious of you.

13-Apr-2016, 08:21
Hello from the south west corner of the county.

14-Apr-2016, 10:26
And welcome from Scarborough

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John Kasaian
16-Apr-2016, 20:44
Welcome aboard!

Andrew O'Neill
18-Apr-2016, 11:47