View Full Version : Christie's Auction. Some bargains today?

13-Apr-2016, 05:56

David Schaller
13-Apr-2016, 06:26
Thank you for bringing that to my attention. There are some real gems there.

Peter Lewin
13-Apr-2016, 06:33
The AIPAD show (Association of International Photographic Art Dealers) opens tomorrow in NYC. It will be interesting to see the sales prices on some of these prints (i.e. those for which multiple copies are available) or similar prints, compared with the opening prices at Christies. I suspect that like most auctions, the final prices for many of the Christies prints will be significantly higher than those shown currently. (Incidentally, for those who can get to NYC, the AIPAD show runs from Thursday April 14 through Sunday April 17, and is one of the most amazing exhibits I've ever seen.)

mathieu Bauwens
13-Apr-2016, 10:32
Some nice pictures, indeed.