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10-Apr-2016, 12:27
I recently acquired a Speedotron 4803cx pack and 2 heads; a model 106 and 102. The 106 has a collar allowing me to screw it tightly into the pack while the 102 does not. I was wondering if anyone has a source for this part they could provide me. I have not contacted Speedotron, but plan to reach out to them early next week. Photo included.

Peter De Smidt
10-Apr-2016, 12:31
Don't worry about it. Just use it. It didn't have a collar in the first place.

Don't plug in or unplug a light with the Pack powered up in any way.

10-Apr-2016, 12:51
Understood. I'm just not interested in accidental disconnect. If it is easily remedied... I'd rather take care of it.

Peter De Smidt
10-Apr-2016, 13:24
So there are 2400ws capable lights and 4800ws capable lights. The 4800ws lights have a bigger plug, and they have collars that should be screwed on. The 2400ws lights didn't originally come with collars. Some later versions have collars, but they are just sleeves. They don't screw in. I have one 102 like that, but my others don't have collars, and we never used screw in collars on 102 heads at Image Studios, Kohler Company studios, Mercury Marine.......

10-Apr-2016, 15:30
Cool. I'm ok with knowing there is not an option. Thanks for taking the time to provide some more information.

Peter De Smidt
10-Apr-2016, 15:51
Well, for all I know there might be, but I've never seen it. In the studios I worked, the packs were probably 20 years old or more. You might as well call and get the latest info. The treads on the outlets are fine, and it takes a fair bit to screw a connector in.

Make sure to run cables safely. A cable should come down from the head and go under the legs of the light stand. If the line would get kicked, it would first move the bottom of the stand. This is much less likely to fall than if the cable is pulling on the head directly. Coil excess cord neatly under the stand. Sand bag the stand if needed, although that makes the stand harder to position. On a big set with assistant you should do this. In my small studio I often don't. Run the cables to the pack in an orderly manner so that they lay flat on the ground, trying to keep the cords out of an area where people will walk. If foot traffic is unavoidable, gaffer's tape the cable to the floor, or put a mat over the cables so that people don't snag their feet.

John Olsen
11-Apr-2016, 08:17
RE: "put a mat over the cables so that people don't snag their feet."

Your cable protection methods sound great, but I suggest you leave the cables visible so people don't put weight on them. The insulation layer inside is just plastic trying to hold off 900 volts. In my case it's 30 year old plastic - kind of scary.

Peter De Smidt
11-Apr-2016, 08:23
Running cables where people have to walk is a last resort. Not only would we use tape and carpets, we also use emergency cones by the cables. This really only happens when we're shooting on location. Yes, the cables shouldn't be walked on if it can be helped. I don't work for a big studio anymore, and for my own location commercial work I use speedlights. No cables at all.

Jonathan Barlow
11-Apr-2016, 10:00
The later power supplies and 202 heads have black metal spring-loaded, locking quick release connectors and the cables are detachable from the 202 heads. The newer 102 heads also have the black locking connectors but the cables are permanently attached to the heads, as they always were.

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