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Don Barton
9-Apr-2016, 14:59
Forgive me if this has been posted before, but I have been unable to find anything related.
I started noticing brown domes over cities, when flying in and out of them on business, some years ago. The first one I really noticed was Denver because it was one of the last I suspected. I have been using color negative film ever since Ektar 25 came out and print my own with a 4x5 Beseler. I live in Columbus, OH where the high sky looks far more cyan than the blue I see out in the country.
I understand that if I try to correct for this in RA-4 printing, with say, more yellow filtration, it will have more effect in the shadows than in the highlights (crossed curves). I need to correct when I take the photograph. Has anyone dealt with this or seen anything posted anywhere. I am guessing that something like an 82B might help. I would welcome any suggestions and try them out. I now use mostly Ektar 100 in 35mm to 4x5 (Tachihara). I am printing on Fuji Crystal Archive with Arista chemicals.


Don Barton

9-Apr-2016, 17:25
Do no correction. Show it as it is.

9-Apr-2016, 17:25
If your local sky is cyan, try a skylight filter that is rose/magenta to reduce the green component... Or an 05 or 10 magenta on the camera... This will probably not show up in the rest of the frame much...

Yes, pollution domes are a way of life now, and light pollution at night... But, if life gives you lemons....

Steve K

9-Apr-2016, 19:24
I would love to see some images showing how various solutions area are/not working !