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9-Apr-2016, 14:46
Dear german and international members of "Grossformatfotografie.de",

some weeks ago, our german large format Forum closed the doors just overnight.

I am aware that a lot of large format friends, large format users, and some LF beginners too, hopefully wait for a restart of our wellknown "source of knowledge".

You all want some informations, and if not chief Micha himself, for his own and respected reasons, as one of the moderators of this Forum let me now do this ugly job.
The other day I met another GF-moderator in my house, and we agreed with the decision of spreading the word.
Big boss Micha himself gave me his "Go" for doing this, without any restrictions.

Our Forum will not come back; meanwhile and in Micha's words, the software is out of function.

Personally, I don't expect a restart in any way.
Without giving any details, the last conversations with Micha himself all have been clear enough concerning the future of "Grossformatfotografie.de".

Me, I am looking straight forward, and I am glad to be a member of the fantastic Large Format Photography Forum.

If interested in holding the contact, those who haven't my mail adress feel free to PM me here, but please don't expect any details of Micha's decision. No comments.

Thanks to all the nice and wise and so helpful people in the Grossformatfotografie Forum;
my special wishes to the everytime "busy behind the scenes" moderators Andre and Cristian, and special thanks to Peter (RIP).


Doremus Scudder
10-Apr-2016, 02:34

Sorry to see Grossformatfotografie go... I didn't contribute much, but lurked there a lot. It was especially useful when I needed deutsche Vokabeln or info on material sources. I tried to view the site just a day or so ago and was surprised it was down.

Since so many speak English so well in the German-speaking area, this forum and APUG can likely take up the slack.

Danke für deine harte Arbeit und Engagement für Grossformatfotografie und alles Gute für die Zukünft.


10-Apr-2016, 04:12
Hello, Doremus,

thanks to your nice words.
Engagement, I do agree.
"Harte Arbeit", not really in that forum.
Last two years it had become to a calm forum, so not much to do there for a moderator.

But you are right, the world is more small today, and there exist other fantastic forums, like this one.


Armin Seeholzer
10-Apr-2016, 11:38
This is really sad with this big knowledge in it will be lost forever! But I expected not much more after the last few years!
Thats how knowledge goes down the river!!!!

Very very sad!

10-Apr-2016, 13:08
Hi, Armin,

yupp, the downwritten knowledge has gone, but some of the great "battles of knowledge" remain in our brains.
And some has been stored at our computers :-)


Ulrich Drolshagen
10-Apr-2016, 14:07
I haven't been there much lately as I am a bit out of photography at present. What a pity to loose this forum. First thing I thought was, what a great loss it is to lose Peter Kellers legacy and all the knowledable input of all other contributors. I have learned most of the things I know about LF there. There is really no way to save the contents?


10-Apr-2016, 16:06
Hello, Ulrich,

nice to see you!
Not only Peter's legacy there based on wisdom and experience; as you said before, we have had really great teachers and a good but friendly "drill" :-)

In Micha's recent words, the software now is out of function, and after asking him if he would agree with speaking about the death of the forum, he said yes, do it.

Unfortunately, Micha now didn't answer anymore to me as an ex moderator, and for me this is a clear statement, too.
So I really don't expect any uprising or savings, nor wouldn't you do after that conversation..


Sean Mac
10-Apr-2016, 16:46
Sadly not much on the Wayback machine:(

11-Apr-2016, 03:38
Hi Ritchie,

thank you very much for telling us about the sad news concerning the GFF. I don't join the choir of those who complain (on another board), often severe personal circumstances demand for such steps. Knowing after about 2 decades of using the internet myself that nothing lasts forever. Even active forums can simply delete precious older knowledge as happened at the german analogue photo group forum because of installing a very questionable new software with bells and whistles nobody needs and nobody wants.

We rely on analogue photography for many good reasons, so we should also rely on the real life and know that all virtual life can go down the drain in a second. And also our real lives doen't last forever.

If you want something to stay for at least some decades then buy books and shoot film. Write a diary if you have something to say to your grandchildrens children. Says a librairian.

I only just registered here, I'm not a LF nerd exept for some pinholes maybe, but you, Ritchie, showed me some really beautiful pictures here and I will come back every once in a while.

Warm regards


11-Apr-2016, 04:19
Hi, Reinhold,

kneeling down to Mr. Caffenol himself!
Nice to see you, after a while;
let's continue our private picture sharing.

Unfortunately, you are right; after bringing in this informations, the first action in germany has been immediately darning the "guilty" person.
Nobody there knows about the course of events behind the Grossformatfotografie board; nobody there knows anything about Micha's reasons, difficulties, business, lazyness, what ever.
And as said before, I will not give any details.

Dear folks of the a-team, please don't forget that this famous forum has shared all of this great knowledge for a total distance of eleven years !
That's the main thing, and listen, Micha - thanks for that.

And of course, let's shoot film, and let's share our pictures here and there.


11-Apr-2016, 14:45
Huh, what a surprise.
During the last three ours of email conversation with Micha, speaking about new possibilities and solutions , Micha suddenly gave the forum to a man called Andreas!

Okay, let's see what will happen now, maybe that is the chance for a newold GF-Forum.
What a surprise, Micha.
But thanks for doing this step instead of stamping down, as said before.


Armin Seeholzer
11-Apr-2016, 16:03
Hopefully he ( Andreas ) can save it, he would be the MAN!!!!!

Go for it Andreas and win!!!

12-Apr-2016, 00:53
Yeah, all the best to Andreas, and from now, the Grossformatfotografie.de is back !