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8-Apr-2016, 05:31
On that big auction site found a very reasonable costing LED UV light bank. Goes for $149.00 with free shipping. Search "UV Blacklight Panel Wash" to find the item. Image of unit attached.

Light Source: 192 (UV) 0.25W (20mA) LEDs which equals 48 watts
Wavelength: 405nm
Size: 14 x 9.8 x 6.5in

Am thinking of using one or more of these units for alternative processes. From the graph in Platinum & Palladium Printing by Arentz (pg. 12), the 405nm wavelength is outside of the "Harmful Range", but still well within the Actinic range of UV light for Pl/Pd printing. Size seems great for printing 8x10.

Anyone have any experience with using one of these units?
Or even advice?


12-Apr-2016, 16:20
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Oh well... worth taking a chance. So will purchase one of these and see if it will first work with Salt printing. Will post results as a reply to this thread within a few weeks.

Michael Mutmansky
12-Apr-2016, 17:04
No advice on these, but I suspect they will be under powered.

Looks like the specs says 12 watts, which is a lot less than you think they are putting out.

May work well for very small prints but I suspect they will take a long time to produce good density.


12-Apr-2016, 21:56
405nm is visible light. Visible spectrum is 400 to 700nm. 400 to 450 is violet-blue end. Most of the very active UV light sources I have used in chemistry labs used 254nm sources, make no mistake UV in the 250 nm range will burn your skin and your eyes. A led that is a narrow band pure uv shouldn't be visible. I would double check before you buy something. I'm no expert, just my humble suggestion.
Best Regards Mike

Michael Mutmansky
12-Apr-2016, 23:02
The actinic range extends into the visible spectrum, so I doubt it would be a problem except it is very underpowered. People on this forum have put together LED arrays that are in the 150W range. Less than that is likely to result in very long exposures.


13-Apr-2016, 05:12
Thanks for feedback. Also advice from an electrical engineer last night was that the unit is most probably way underpowered for use with alternative processes so am passing up on buying one.

Michael Mutmansky
13-Apr-2016, 09:43

Make that two engineers on the power issue...

Randy Moe
13-Apr-2016, 09:54

13-Apr-2016, 09:56
Make that two engineers on the power issue...

Well noted...

In looking around for a LED UV lightbox, least expensive one I've found yet has been the STARLIGHT 2331 Tabletop Model. Exposure area 23"x31". Specs are awesome. Price... I believe around $4,200, not including shipping (weight 325 lbs). ouch

13-Apr-2016, 11:56
I bought an inexpensive grow light unit on eBay and replaced the bulbs with super actinic aquarium bulbs. Inexpensive and no building required. Mine uses 6 x 24" T5 bulbs, 24 watts each. I'm only using four bulbs and it more than covers my 12x16 contact printing frame. Total cost was around $200.

This was the lamp unit I bought except in the 6-bulb version.