View Full Version : Worldwide Pinhole Camera day

Steve Pitchford
6-Apr-2016, 14:56
Greetings to all,

Today is April 6th, only 17 days until Worldwide Pin Hole Day, the 24th; the 3rd Sun. of April 2016. So finally we're all but forced to try out our TW Pinhole adapter. It's been along time coming and I procrastinated all that I can. I dug out the pinhole adapter and discovered it was rubber with the metal insert and not all in appearance like the plastic Pinwide shown on the Wanderlust web site. My first thought was, is the diameter of pinhole the same on both products? It would make sense that are but when does that have to do with anything? Anyone know?

On the web site, Pinhole data sheet, it says the apertures are f96- f128, with a FOV of 80 degrees. However I had copied down info from this forum, awhile back, that the apertures are f283 with the helical retracted, and f346 with the helical extended. F205 is with the 65mm lens mount. I am conflicted with this information. Can anyone resolve this data difference?

Even more importantly, has any one developed a time exposure chart for the TW pinhole? I would like to take a couple practice shots before Pinhole Day. I'll be joining a group at a desert reptilian preserve for mid-day shooting. I don't think the “sunny 16” rule will apply. Please share what you know?