View Full Version : Gossen Lunasix repair opportunities?

6-Apr-2016, 08:44
6 months ago I managed to acquire a Gossen Lunasix SBC at a steal (50$). I had been looking for a meter that could handle low light situations, and it certainly did not disappoint.

Just yesterday, the strap snapped, and it fell about 6 inches to the ground. The LED no longer lights up. I've opened the back, and taken a look. It doesn't appear that any of the soldered components are loose on the rear-facing side.

I'd very much like to have it fixed, because it blows my Sekonic 778 out of the water as far as low light readings go. I received an email back from Gossen today, and they said they cannot repair it. Are there amateurs out there who might be able to, or servicing manuals available? I found another discussion online about service manuals, albeit no actual links to manuals themselves.

Jim Noel
6-Apr-2016, 16:01
I suggest you look for another SBC. It will be cheaper to replace it than to fix it. I see them frequently for $50-75,and as you say they blow other meters out of the water. I always have mine with me regardless of which of my other meters I carry.

7-Apr-2016, 06:55
Try Quality Light Metric in LA.