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4-Apr-2016, 13:36
Somebody in the forum must still use a Zone VI compensating timer, or know someone who does. If it's you, please check its power supply to note the mfr and model number, and also its output voltage and amps and let me know… I must have misplaced mine and I no longer have my spec sheet for it. I think that it probably outputs DC20V at about 1500mA, but I want to be sure when I search to buy a replacement.

I'd sure appreciate getting that info… the timer is irreplaceable, and I don't want to blow it up!

4-Apr-2016, 14:19
I think it's 9v, but I wouldn't swear to it. I have one buried in my GAS stash somewhere.

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4-Apr-2016, 15:05
Zone VI Compensating Developing Timer

Power Cord;

408 745-7141

120 vac
60 hz

9v dc
300 ma

class 2

Mdl # 9300S

This is what is written on my cord.
I hope that this is helpful.

4-Apr-2016, 16:21
My power supply shows:

Power Supply For Use
With Automatic Phone Dialer
INPUT: 117V 60Hz 6W

Mfd by Sind-American

Bought mine new directly from Fred when they were first released so this is the power supply as delivered by him at that time.

Hope this helps.

4-Apr-2016, 17:31
A big thanks to all of you for responding with the info… and very quickly at that! I had no idea that so many units were still in use, but I haven't yet found anything that can substitute for that wonderful old tool.

I was almost certain it was 20V DC, and without your help I would have tried a 20 volt unit and subjected my timer to some torture.

I'm very happy to have joined this fine group, and only hope that I may render some assistance to others.

4-Apr-2016, 17:41
If its for the Compensating Developing Timer, a picture is worth a thousand words...... L


5-Apr-2016, 13:03
I had no idea that so many units were still in use, but I haven't yet found anything that can substitute for that wonderful old tool.

Have you ever seen this: http://curtpalm.com/Software.html

One thing I never liked about Fred's Compensating Development Timer is that it's fixed at 68F. Curt's software allows you to set any target temp you need, and then adjusts the timer accordingly based on a probe hooked to a computer via USB. Works beautifully! And, it's a godsend for those of us who run processes at temps other than 68F. Might be worth a look...

5-Apr-2016, 15:06
Thanks for the picture… now that I see it, it looks just like the one that went missing!

6-Apr-2016, 20:18
Try www.allelectronics.com-part # DCTX-936-$2.85 You might have to cut and splice the power cord so you have the right connector, but that's pretty easy.