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31-Mar-2016, 03:55

I'm Paul from Chillicothe and I am looking to get into large format. I have been shooting a Hasselblad setup for the past few years and I have been wanting to move into something different. So I am looking at 4x5 cameras and am researching them and their components. I already have an Omega D2 that will do the 4x6 prints so I think I should be set on the prints, I will just need to figure out the best process for me for negatives.



Alan Gales
4-Apr-2016, 22:27
Welcome to the forum, Paul. Shooting 4x5 cameras and sheet film are definitely different then medium format cameras and roll film. Each have their place. I think you will have a lot of fun with 4x5. Be sure to read the LF Home Page for lots of great information