View Full Version : Advise for Durst L1000 Otoneg2

29-Mar-2016, 16:38
I have the Otoneg2, But I don't have any masks for 4x5. I have 3 weird sized mask sets that I can have a machinist cut out to 4x5. I found some new Otoglas inserts online, one plain one anti-newton.
Do they just mount in the Otoneg like the masks?
Is the glass better than the masks?
It seems like it would be a difficult to keep them clean, but I assume they hold the negative flatter.
Can you then stick any size (smaller than 4x5) negative between the glass?

31-Mar-2016, 13:23
Yes the glass inserts fit in the same way as the metal masks. And yes you can place any size negative (smaller than 4x5) in them if you want; they will just be unmasked as it were. Glass inserts will keep the negative absolutely flat.

Cheers, Bruce

1-Apr-2016, 17:35
You can also get an Omega D series negative carrier and have a machinist cut and grind to match the negative plates.
This is what I will be doing myself, as I have not been able to find the negative plates at a reasonable price.