View Full Version : Howdy from Alabama!

28-Mar-2016, 19:31
I've benefited from this forum for some time before finally joining (sorry! but thank you!). I'm really looking forward to the collaboration, learning and trying to give back.

I shoot 8x10, collodion negatives are my passion as is experimenting across a variety of alt processes as I chase a photographic outcome. I haul around a Fulmer Schwing Commercial; I just love the camera. I also confess to a sick addiction to Arista Ortho Litho.


Sirius Glass
28-Mar-2016, 20:19
Welcome to Large Format Photography Forum

Leszek Vogt
28-Mar-2016, 23:36
Welcome to the forum. Yeah, we're all sick to an extent ;).


Andrew O'Neill
29-Mar-2016, 12:15