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28-Mar-2016, 17:22
So over five years ago I met a wonderful young women named Meagan, and we started dating. I was pretty heavy into photography at this point and she was very supportive. Even when I started into LF she loved the experience and pushed me forward whenever I was down or screwed up or whatever.

One of the first dates we ever had was in Waycross, GA (where she's from) - we were driving around found this really cool abandoned church. I of course had to stop and take photos.


Over the years we came back to this church often. It was "our place." I loved to shoot there, especially the interior.


Meagan got a new job this year and had to move away, though luckily only about 5 hours away. I have been having some real struggles with what I'm going to do after I finish my contract at my current position. She's been there for me and supportive of my decision, which will likely result in some economic hardships for a time. But I digress. Photography and especially LF and film in general has become a real passion in my life and so I couldn't think of any where better to make things official.


I totally surprised her with this and I am very happy that I chose to capture this moment in the coolest way possible...with LF film of course!

For those interested - Chamonix 45n1, 58mm f/5.6 XL @ f/11 and 1/2 second, Ilford HP5+ developed in Acufine. Air bulb release.

Sorry for the "blog post" :D

Randy Moe
28-Mar-2016, 17:28
Well, good for you both.

I have been imagining from your posts that you had lost her.

Now hold on tight and have a good life. Together!

28-Mar-2016, 17:33
Great story. Thanks, I needed one today.

Kent in SD

28-Mar-2016, 17:48
Thanks to both of you. Yeah Randy, I may have unintentionally made it seem like that since she had to move for her new job! We have been able to see each other about once a month though. :)

Kevin Crisp
28-Mar-2016, 17:51
Well, congratulations! Only five years? If you were in a hurry you wouldn't be using LF.

28-Mar-2016, 17:51
Of course, the ring has to have one deminsion that measures at least 5 or this post will have to be moved to the small marriage proposal thread...sorry :)

Tim Meisburger
28-Mar-2016, 18:01
Congratulations Bryan!

28-Mar-2016, 18:02
LOL!! It's about 6.5 so whole plate?? :p

28-Mar-2016, 18:18
But, did you get a model release first?

Good luck,


Doug Howk
28-Mar-2016, 18:33
Congratulations, Bryan, and good luck.
Looks like the church will need some repairs before a wedding;-)

Fred L
28-Mar-2016, 18:52
congratulations !

28-Mar-2016, 18:58
Lucky man. Lucky woman.

Beautiful photograph.


28-Mar-2016, 19:02
Thank you very much everyone! I hope you enjoyed the story and photograph. I will be making some prints in the darkroom for sure.

Pali K
28-Mar-2016, 19:24
Bryan this is wonderful! Congratulations to you and your wonderful lady.


28-Mar-2016, 19:35

Mark Sawyer
28-Mar-2016, 19:41
My congratulations as well! I wonder how many weddings that old church has seen in its time, and whether it might have one more left in it...

Oren Grad
28-Mar-2016, 19:42
< extremely large :) >

Congratulations - all best to you both!

Hugo Zhang
28-Mar-2016, 19:48

Nice to see Chamonix put into such a beautiful action! Congratulations!


28-Mar-2016, 20:00
Thanks all!

Yes, the thought has definitely crossed my mind about this church being the spot for a subsequent ceremony. Not sure how that'd pan out though! We are planning a longish engagement though due to our life situation.

Nodda Duma
28-Mar-2016, 20:14
Awesome! Congratulations on the start of the rest of your life.

28-Mar-2016, 20:19

It's also a sign of skill to successfully operate a LF camera while getting engaged / proposing!

Peter De Smidt
28-Mar-2016, 20:47

Roger Thoms
28-Mar-2016, 20:52
Wow, what an great photograph and great moment, congratulations!!! Thanks for sharing with us.


28-Mar-2016, 21:08
Congratulations! A wonderful story and LF moment!! A wonderful couple!!!

Bob Sawin
28-Mar-2016, 22:31
Congrats to you both!

David Karp
28-Mar-2016, 22:58

Leszek Vogt
28-Mar-2016, 23:26
Congrats, Bryan.


Domingo A. Siliceo
29-Mar-2016, 00:31
Congratulations and best wishes, Meagan and Bryan!

29-Mar-2016, 01:42
Congratulations! It's great to be witness to this special moment in such a unique way; may your bond be as unique and inspiring as your photography!

29-Mar-2016, 02:25
Congratulations and all the best for you!

29-Mar-2016, 02:42
Bryan, I really fear that your concentration either in shooting the scene or in making the scene hasn't been perfect:-)
But both worked fine!

My best wishes to you and your lady,


Alan Curtis
29-Mar-2016, 06:25
Great story and photo. Very best wishes to both of you. Are you going to be the wedding photographer?:)

Peter Lewin
29-Mar-2016, 06:59
Meagan and Corran, all the best for a great future! And keep documenting it, you must realize you have quite a following on this forum.

29-Mar-2016, 07:00
Congrats! Cool photo and story. Best wishes.

29-Mar-2016, 07:18
Thank you again everyone for all the love and support!!

Ritchie, yes I was a bit worried I was going to screw something up!

Alan, that's more and more likely the case! There will be lots of film shot, that's for sure.

29-Mar-2016, 07:56
Congratulations. Happy the shot worked out for you.

I couldn't help myself at our wedding and shot our formal photos on LF. I set up the shot and removed the dark slide, so the best man only had to pull the trigger.

29-Mar-2016, 08:57
This year marks 39 years for me and my lovely assistant, I wish you as long and happy a partnership.

29-Mar-2016, 10:32
Felicitations! Very cool way to do it and to record the event.

29-Mar-2016, 14:24

29-Mar-2016, 14:27
This is one of the best threads I've seen on this board. An absolutely wonderful photo and story to go with it. Congrats!

29-Mar-2016, 16:15
Congratulations indeed Bryan. We just marked our 39th. As well. I hope you have that, and many more.

30-Mar-2016, 17:43
thank you bryan for posting this.

like the saying " rainy wedding, happy wedding "
i heard one recently:
"engagements made in an abandonned, dilapidated, caved-in, falling down church always lead to a happy marriage"

best of luck to you and yours !


30-Mar-2016, 18:53
Just caught up with this thread and loved reading your wonderful story along with our fellow member comments (and wit) !

Best wishes and congratulations, Bryan and Meagan.
Bryan, you certainly did a great job of capturing the moment and with perfect timing.

Wonderful that you documented a very special event from a different perspective than you, yourself, witnessed as it was happening.

Delightful story and a great image to share - one that will remain with you for life.

30-Mar-2016, 20:04
One more round of thanks for all of you great folks!!!

By the way, jnanian's comment reminded me of a little addendum. This was last Sunday, Easter, and here in south GA the weather was atrocious. It was raining cats and dogs for most of the day. Literally 10 minutes before arriving at this location the rain was so fierce I couldn't see more than a few dozen feet ahead of my car. Amazingly the rain suddenly cleared when we arrived!! Obviously that church and rain would not be a great combination for photos! :)

Thanks again guys.

John Kasaian
30-Mar-2016, 20:29

Struan Gray
2-Apr-2016, 06:05
Congratulations Bryan! Wishing you a long and happy life together.

peter schrager
2-Apr-2016, 19:51
Good for you man...bless you both
LF and love!!