View Full Version : JOBO CPP-2 with Lift - Part found in the bucket area

Pali K
27-Mar-2016, 17:50
I herd something rolling in my Jobo after use today and found this part in the bottom. Does anyone know what this is and where does it go?




Thank you in advance! Pali

27-Mar-2016, 18:07
not a jobo part.

Pali K
27-Mar-2016, 18:13
not a jobo part.

Phew! Thank you Omer... Now I am more confused but less worried.


27-Mar-2016, 21:53
It's the ball out of a ball valve

Pali K
28-Mar-2016, 21:16
It's the ball out of a ball valve
You are absolutely correct. Turns out the hose (with shutoff vave) was missing this. I am sure it's been in the JOBO for a while and I didn't notice it since I never use the valve and turn the water on/off directly at the tap.

Thanks again to both of you.