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26-Mar-2016, 07:36
Finally getting situated enough to pursue film in a way that is meaningful to me. I have owned Large Format cameras for a few years just never had the opportunity to take the time to learn.

As my passion is in creative portraits that is where I will be spending most of my time in the large format venue. To start with I have a Graphic View II 4x5, a Century 10A on the 1A Stand, a Crown Graphic 4x5, and a variety of lenses that I will experiment with.

I also will be setting up my darkroom with a Durst450 CLS, but because much of my workflow is already digital I will be adding a flatbed scanner and large format printer for contact printing.

Although I love the 8x10 camera after all the reading and pros vs cons I will probably move towards 5x7 work for awhile, because I have the film holders, back, and can't see much reason from a scanning perspective to justify the cost in 8x10 (at least while I am getting my feet wet).

I really look forward to getting to know the members in this forum.

Robert Covington

Pali K
26-Mar-2016, 13:29
Welcome to the group Robert!

Alan Gales
26-Mar-2016, 14:08
I own an Epson V750 flat bed scanner. It will scan 8x10.

Shoot what you have for now. Learn on 4x5. You may end up satisfied or you may move up to a larger format later.

Welcome to the forum. We are glad to have you!

David Lobato
26-Mar-2016, 19:42
Welcome Robert. Settle on one or two formats and learn a workflow that suits you. I like West Virginia after a few driving trips across it. Looking forward to seeing more of the state.

28-Mar-2016, 19:21
Welcome. As Alan notes, scanning 8x10 is no issue on my V750 Pro. For me 8 x 10 is the way as I do almost 100% contact printing. 5 x 7 is also viable. Shooting large format, film or wet plate or dry plate or whatever will really bring you deep down into the art and the craft of photography and your pursuit of a photographic outcome. Totally agree with the get your camera, a lens, a film, a processing workflow and stick with it for a while. That was the greatest piece of advice I think I received with respect to film.

Sirius Glass
28-Mar-2016, 20:20
Welcome to Large Format Photography Forum

Andrew O'Neill
29-Mar-2016, 12:16