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Greg Davis
23-Mar-2016, 07:21
For those of you with this enlarger, I need your help. There should be a small strip of metal that the negative carrier butts against on the right side. I am missing that piece. Can someone give me a size for that? I can easily machine a replacement, but I don't know how big the original was. Thanks.

23-Mar-2016, 07:35
I'll look tonite PM me if I forget. There is definitely a thin metal strip to the right of the opening on mine. It's useful to align the carrier as you are inserting it. I'll post some photos of it when I get home.

23-Mar-2016, 09:04
There's a strip of metal 4" long by approx 5/16" wide, ttickness I can't tell without removing the Colour Head but as long as it's no more than the thickness of the carrier it's not going to be critical, it's only a stop


Greg Davis
23-Mar-2016, 11:11
Somehow I lost that piece and it makes it difficult to center the negative without it. I do have the two studs needed to make the carrier a register carrier, I just need to machine a metal strip to mate with them and insert my register pins.

Peter De Smidt
23-Mar-2016, 11:40
I have one on my 504. It's just as Ian says. You remove the metal stop to put the pin-registration piece in place. I've you measure the hole spacing, I might have a spare pin version that would fit.

Greg Davis
23-Mar-2016, 16:00
Interesting, Peter. What exactly do you have?

Peter De Smidt
23-Mar-2016, 17:02
I have the pin registration bar that attaches to the side of a 504 enlarger to enable use of a pin-registered negative carrier. I'm not sure that what I have is the same size as needed for a 5108. You'd have to check.

23-Mar-2016, 18:54
Here's the photo of the bar as well as I could get without removing the colorhead. It's 4" long by about 0.33" wide. The thickness is about 1/2 the thickness of one half of the aluminum carrier, but the thickness is not critical. The screw holes are 3" O.C. The ends are rounded I guess to guide the carrier around it. Hope this helps. L


Greg Davis
25-Mar-2016, 06:20
Peter, the alignment pins are 8 inches apart on center.