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Nathan Smith
19-Mar-2016, 07:23
Does anyone have a good source for thin glass for making ground glass?

For some cameras, the ground glass needs to be pretty thin - about 1.25mm, or .050". Some years ago I bought replacement picture frame glass at Michael's, but they no longer carry pre-cut replacement glass. Hobby Lobby and others all seem to carry 2mm glass - which is fine for most purposes, but won't fit well into the Ciro-flex F TLR I'm working on.

19-Mar-2016, 07:41
I use old glass plates, I keep them for the odd cameras that won't accept 2mm. The problem is that here in Europe 2 mm is the thinnest glass that can be sold in a regular glass supplier, you have to go to specialists to get thinner.


Peter De Smidt
19-Mar-2016, 08:07
Glass shops, windows...., should be able to order it for you. Otherwise, there is Focal Point in Florida.

19-Mar-2016, 08:08
Shucks. I overlooked this. Schott, 1.2mm thick. Search for more perhaps under optical windows.


$38.00 for 20 pieces, but surplus shed sometimes accepts offers.

Nathan Smith
19-Mar-2016, 08:11
Great idea - I'll keep an eye out for some plates. Jac, the SurplusShed glass is perfect - just need to figure out if I want to buy 20 12x12" sheets, I'm sure I'd never need to buy any more after that!

19-Mar-2016, 09:39
Nathan, not sure if it would fit but the Chinese TLR fresnel screens on ebay are good, a big increase in brightness and ease of focusing. I bought one about 5 years ago meaning to use it in my Yashicamat 124 but in the end used it in my Microcorrd (essentially a British Rolleicord).


19-Mar-2016, 10:38
I also bought a screen (actually a pair I think) from ebay a few years ago. They were sold as 6x7 for a mamiya, but one of them now lives in a Flexaret giving a huge increase in brightness - largely due to the built-in fresnel lens. Re-purposing a cheap commercial screen gives a better performance than plain glass. In the Flexaret, the focussing surface was the one next to the fixed surface of the mounting frame, so no re-shimming or adjustment was required.

Bob Salomon
19-Mar-2016, 12:06
Look for suppliers of scientific float glass. That was where we found cover glasses for the Super Screens.

Michael Rosenberg
20-Mar-2016, 10:28
Howard Glass in Philly has a variety of glass, and thickness. I have bought glass from them for my enlarger and Condit system. They also have Schott glass.


3-Apr-2016, 21:32
You might try taking the glass from a flatbed scanner. I salvaged the glass from a throwaway, a few years back, but I did no measure for thickness.

Drew Wiley
4-Apr-2016, 09:27
"Picture glass" is thin. Framers handle that. Whether it grinds OK depends. Focal Point or Schott glass might not grind well either. You have to make sure there is
no surface hardening treatment.

Tim Deming
4-Apr-2016, 12:23
The Schott glass from surplus shed mentioned above grinds well. I've made many gg screens for old German folders using that glass

Drew Wiley
5-Apr-2016, 08:33
Well, a whole box of the stuff from them certainly looks cheap enough, and should last awhile!