View Full Version : Mark Sawyer's Pixies in Lenswork

16-Mar-2016, 10:18
Congratulations, Mark!

My lenswork issue 123 arrived today, and features Mark Sawyer and Tinkerbell.

Very nicely printed, as usual for Lenswork.

Peter De Smidt
16-Mar-2016, 10:19
That's great! Congratulations, Mark!

Peter York
16-Mar-2016, 10:27
Outstanding Mark! Your pixies are some of my favorite pictures on this site. Truly a great body of work.

Mark Sawyer
16-Mar-2016, 10:46
Thank you, gentlemen! Hoping to get back to doing more of those soon, as other projects wrap up! (Tink keeps glaring at me impatiently, arms crossed and tapping one foot...)

16-Mar-2016, 12:54
Good to see your lens work in there!

16-Mar-2016, 13:46
Got it in the mail yesterday but did not look at it, I will when I get home today

Struan Gray
16-Mar-2016, 13:58
Excellent. The thinking man's fairy.

Tim Meisburger
16-Mar-2016, 14:55
Congratulations Mark!

16-Mar-2016, 15:11
Yes Mark, congrats. Definitely my favorite in this issue of Lenswork. Love the last one though I must say that you are a very brave man to tempt Tink's anger like that. :)

Mark Sawyer
16-Mar-2016, 17:58
...Love the last one though I must say that you are a very brave man to tempt Tink's anger like that. :)

Well, people kept telling me, "you should do a book on Pixies..."

Tim Meisburger
16-Mar-2016, 19:06
I just ordered a copy. Had them send it to my son in Tucson.

16-Mar-2016, 20:32
Congratulations Mark

Roger Cole
16-Mar-2016, 22:08
I was not even aware of this publication. Probably what I get for not really perusing a newsstand in ages. A quick trip to Google found their web site and I've already ordered this single issue.



If I like the publication I may subscribe, but I definitely want this issue with Mark's pixies.

gene LaFord
17-Mar-2016, 07:54
Congratulations Mark, a well deserved honor.

Merg Ross
17-Mar-2016, 14:17
Congratulations, Mark. Looks like you are having a lot of fun with the old equipment and process!

Jim Galli
17-Mar-2016, 15:36
Congratulations to one of the most creative guys on this or any forum! Nice recognition.

Roger Thoms
17-Mar-2016, 17:44
Well deserved, congratulations!!!


Pali K
17-Mar-2016, 17:56
Love the Pixie series and I am with Jim that Mark's work is so creative. Love the photos and the stories that come with them. Congratulations Mark!

Buying the single issue.


Mark Sawyer
18-Mar-2016, 00:34
Thanks, all! But I could never have done it without you-know-who... :rolleyes:

Jim Fitzgerald
18-Mar-2016, 02:36
Awesome Mark, congratulations!

Renato Tonelli
18-Mar-2016, 17:27
I received my issue today and not having seen this thread until now, I was quite surprised to see your pixies in the magazine - I recognized the photographs as your work right away.

Jim Graves
18-Mar-2016, 21:23
Congratulations to one of the most creative guys on this or any forum! Nice recognition.

+ 1 ... and not only have you inspired this forum but a lot of young photography students during your teaching years.

But, I don't like your chances if you don't get back to Tink before she starts tapping both feet ... Pixie Dust has a dark side also ........ .

Mark Sawyer
19-Mar-2016, 00:20
But, I don't like your chances if you don't get back to Tink before she starts tapping both feet... Pixie Dust has a dark side also...

Been there, done that! When doing wet plates of pixies, the collodion isn't the only explosive thing around...

Thanks, all! :)

19-Mar-2016, 06:55
This issue will give you some good exposure. No pun.

Bill Burk
26-Mar-2016, 20:22
Congratulations Mark Sawyer... I saw the issue on the stands and smiled.

26-Mar-2016, 23:57
Congratulations Mark!

David Karp
27-Mar-2016, 08:51

Mark Sawyer
27-Mar-2016, 12:46
Merci beaucoup, messieurs! She's the best model in the world!

Roger Cole
1-Apr-2016, 05:03
Got my copy a few days ago and finally had time to give it a first look. Great stuff from Mark. We knew that if course but it's good to see him get done recognition.

And I like this darn magazine I was somehow previously unaware of so much now I have to subscribe!

Mark Sawyer
1-Apr-2016, 11:33
Thank you, Roger! Yup, Lenswork is a pretty special journal in the photography world; that and View Camera are the only two print publications I subscribe to. But alas, I regret to inform you, they don't have pixies in every issue. :( But perhaps if enough subscribers complain, they'll switch to an "all pixies, all the time" format! :) :) :)

Roger Cole
1-Apr-2016, 15:45
Ugh, I hate the "edit time out" thing. I posted the above from my phone, didn't notice the autoincorrect changing "of" to "if" (it does that nearly ALL the time. I don't know why Apple seems to always think I mean "if" when I mean "of"..) and now I cant' fix that. :(

Anyway, yeah, I used to get View Camera back in the 90s and I've been meaning to start again. The problem there is that I keep reading that the publisher is unresponsive to emails and web contact but good if you call, and I'm one of those people who would almost rather have my skull sawed open and my living brain sandpapered than to call someone I don't know about business matters on the phone. I can't even explain the aversio, but there you go.

Guess I could always try the web subscription then if I have problems break down and call. I have been known to do so. The above is an exaggeration. Well, slightly. ;)