View Full Version : Congratulations to Kirk Gittings!

Chauncey Walden
16-Mar-2016, 08:09
I see that Kirk is one of the 11 alumni honored by the UNM Alumni Associatio for outstanding contributions to their professions, their communities, and to the University of New Mexico. Kirk was one of six receiving the Zia Award. Way to go, Kirk!

Randy Moe
16-Mar-2016, 08:11

16-Mar-2016, 09:25
Well deserved.

Peter York
16-Mar-2016, 10:28
Yes, very well deserved. Congrats Kirk.

16-Mar-2016, 11:03
Wow, impressive recognition! Congratulations Kirk!!

David Karp
16-Mar-2016, 11:18
Congratulations Kirk!

Kirk Gittings
16-Mar-2016, 12:10
Chauncey, thank you so much for posting this. I have to say that I was taken completely by surprise by this award as I don't think that I am widely recognized much outside my profession. This proved me very wrong. They told me I was the only nominee this time around that everyone on the selection committee knew and unanimously agreed I deserved the award without hardly any discussion.

16-Mar-2016, 12:44
New Mexico has a lot going on. Congrats.

Mark Sawyer
16-Mar-2016, 17:29
My congratulations as well, Kirk! Perhaps Professor Emeritus is right around the corner...

Bob Sawin
16-Mar-2016, 22:56
Congrats Kirk.

16-Mar-2016, 23:25
Out of focus 😉

Roger Cole
17-Mar-2016, 02:18
Conga-rats, Kirk!


John Layton
17-Mar-2016, 05:12
Congrats Kirk! You've busted your butt forever - stayed true to yourself... and completely deserve this. I'd also say that this is a perfect "capstone" for you - but somehow I cannot see you reaching for those golf clubs just yet!

Kirk Gittings
17-Mar-2016, 06:35
you guys are great! :) Thanks all.

17-Mar-2016, 09:15
Congrats Kirk ... well deserved !

bob carnie
17-Mar-2016, 09:44
Congratulations Kirk- make sure you eat before accepting the award and keep away from Paul's evil brew that evening.


Kirk Gittings
17-Mar-2016, 09:48
Congratulations Kirk- make sure you eat before accepting the award and keep away from Paul's evil brew that evening.



Michael Kadillak
17-Mar-2016, 12:30
The awards that are unexpected are the ones that you value. Lots of hard work along the way for sure.


22-Mar-2016, 12:59
Congrats Kirk, very well done.

Kirk Gittings
22-Mar-2016, 13:38
Thanks. Here are the recipients this year-a varied group including only one other artist, an elder statesman painter friend of mine. Mostly this award is given to judges, politicians, non-profit founders, successful business people etc. Only 147 have ever been given. I never expected to be given it. It took me completely by surprise. Especially since I was a leader of the Anti-Vietnam "riots" (protests in our view) in the early 70's at UNM. They called out the National Guard on us and some students were bayoneted. I was just arrested and kept in jail a few days with some 60 others. Later I taught there for 11 years in the 80's and 90's. I guess a successful career washes away all sins.


Armin Seeholzer
22-Mar-2016, 15:41
Congrats Kirk! Even the mountains of Switzerland did know thad you are the man;--)))

Bill Burk
22-Mar-2016, 17:11
Congratulations Kirk!

Mark Sampson
22-Mar-2016, 18:45
Well done Mr. Gittings, you certainly deserve it!