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14-Mar-2016, 12:45
RE: New paper required for digital print cards.
The June 2015 update to the Heritage Documentation Programs Historic American Buildings Survey Photography Guidelines November 2011, updated June 2015 state:
"Digital contact prints can be made from TIFFs by scanning the film and printing it on 100 percent cotton, acid-free matte paper using pigment or carbon inks on an inkjet printer. The paper/printer/ink combination used for the digital prints must have a permanency rating of 150 years or greater by an independent rating organization.”

This is a substantial change from the previously recommended Epson 5-Star Matte paper to something much more stable and more than three times as expensive. The guidelines do not specify thickness or that optical brighteners should be avoided, but since they degrade and yellow over hundreds of years, my preference would be to use a “Natural” paper not one labeled “Bright White” that is equivalent to the heavy stock (10+ mil) used on traditional mount cards or the last recommended paper (Epson 5-star was 51 lb - 10.3 mil).

From my research I have found 8.5x11 Arista 100% cotton paper on the Freestyle site:
Arista-II Fine Art Natural Cotton Inkjet Paper
330 gsm , 10-15 mil, 8.5x11/20 sheets - Matte...
100% cotton, acid free.
at $18.00 for 20 sheets

or Epson Hot Press Natural Inkjet Paper 8.5x11/25 Sheets
100% cotton, 17 mil, smooth matte, 25 sheets for $23.00

These papers are available at about a dollar a sheet with tax and the occasional missfeed. Does anyone have any other suggestions for a budget-priced, 100% cotton paper, (without optical brighteners which will go yellow eventually) That will meet the new HABS / HAER / HALS standards?


14-Mar-2016, 15:52
Don't they know there is no such thing as a "digital contact print" without making a digital negative first?