View Full Version : Looking up info on a Petzval lens...

13-Mar-2016, 07:34
Is there a place online where I can get more info on a specific lens? I bought an old Petzval lens on eBay a few years back and am curious on the lens itself. The listing said it was a Chicago Petzval lens, 10" or 240mm at f4. Just curious how accurate the listing was. I believe it's a projection lens and on the barrel it reads, "The Enterprise OPT M'F'G Co Inc Chicago". Other than that, there's no other markings or numbers to suggest its identity. Any help would be appreciated!


13-Mar-2016, 07:43
It's hard to track down all the companies that made magic lanterns. But that's what this lens is for. They would all buy the unmarked lens from Darlot of other makers, then engrave their name on them.