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Jim Andrada
12-Mar-2016, 21:11
I'll be traveling to Japan in a few weeks. I have a large changing bag and a Harrison tent but I need to squeeze my stuff into a smallish carry-on sized bag so I'm thinking of a small changing bag. The ones I have are roomy for 5 x 7 and usable (but tight) for 8 x 10. I'll be taking either a 4 x 5 or a 2 x 3 Technika with me and will need some kind of changing bag - doesn't have to be spacious, just usable for loading 4 x 5 Grafmatics.

Any suggestions???


Sirius Glass
12-Mar-2016, 21:37
I use this which will allow me to load Grafmatic 45s and load the Jobo 3010 Expert Drum. I have used it for years.


12-Mar-2016, 21:40
Jim, I have a spare bag about 65cm x 70cm that I can lend you for the duration of your trip. Just tell me where to send it, and return it before you leave.


12-Mar-2016, 21:42
The Harrison Pup Tent is perfect for 4x5 and probably a doable but tight fit for 5x7. Weighs next to nothing and is very compact. I bought a used one from a local Calumet store where it was a rental product. The poles were abused but it works fine.


Jim Andrada
12-Mar-2016, 23:33
Thanks Kumar - much appreciated. I have a lead on a smaller one but if it's too tight I'll take you up on your offer. We'll be in Shinjuku for a few days then Nagoya (my wife's home town) then take the train to Echizen and pick up a rental car and drive around the Noto Peninsula and back to Azumino via Takayama. then back to Tokyo. Funny - all the years I worked in Japan I never made a photo expedition!

Jim Andrada
12-Mar-2016, 23:49
Hi Thomas - thanks for the suggestion. I'm trying to pack a 4 x 5 Technika and a Mamiya 645 and a Canon C100 video cam into a carry on bag with lenses, film, etc - oh yeah - trying to get my 5D with an 8mm fisheye and a pano head in there too. I think I can do it but it's going to be TIGHT!!!!! I have adapters so I can use the Mamiya lenses on my video cam

13-Mar-2016, 00:29
Sure, Jim. Let me know.
Which airline are you flying? Some are getting very strict about carry-on weight limits.
We plan to visit friends in Kanazawa in the summer, and then go around the Noto Peninsula.


13-Mar-2016, 05:34
Take the tent you have, leave the poles at home.

13-Mar-2016, 07:26
Harrison Pup Tent is fine for 4x5 and still works up to 4x10. This size is on sale (http://www.arrirentalstore.com/product_p/101024.htm) at Arri Rental at the moment - just make sure you get a decent one as they degrade over time.

13-Mar-2016, 09:49
Jim - The last time I traveled out of the country I carried a Nikon F6 and Pentax 645NII with 3 leans for each along with film (color and B&W), cleaning kit, Gitzo series 0 CF tripod, 8" tablet, and what-not in a Lowepro 350 AW Runner as a carry-on. It fits easily in the overhead or, if everyone already beat you to it, under your seat. On that trip the F6 was designated for color negative and the Pentax for B&W. Although I had a rental, most of the photography was done parking the car and taking long walk-abouts. If I were to shoot from the car, I would take just 1 camera, a Toyo 45CF, 3 lens (90, 150, and 300), 5 holders for B&W and 5 for Color, film, the Harrison Pup tent to unload and reload the holders and the rest of the above in the same pack.