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10-Mar-2016, 11:31
Am building a 4X5 camera and have the ground glass/film holder back finished and would like a DIY idea for the springs necessary for"normal function. Any and all suggestions welcome.

Lachlan 717
10-Mar-2016, 12:13

10-Mar-2016, 16:49
What he said.
Some clown will say to use hacksaw blades. Go ahead with all that labor for rusty results.

Lachlan 717
10-Mar-2016, 20:13
Wiper blade arms can also be used in a pinch.

Roger Thoms
10-Mar-2016, 20:45
What he said.
Some clown will say to use hacksaw blades. Go ahead with all that labor for rusty results.

Hacksaw blades, use them to cut out all your metal parts, then use them for springs, heck it doesn't get much better than that. Always thought that a nice deep rust color accents mahogany nicely. OTOH, maybe just get the feeler gage stock that Vinny recommends.


11-Mar-2016, 17:43
Thanks for all the suggestions you all.Must be getting old as it finally dawned on me to check out my stash and wouldn't you know a couple of chrome plated copper(I think) hold downs from an old small Brown process camera showed up. Cut them down and installed then,they seem good for now(time will tell I guess...

12-Mar-2016, 08:46
"Piano-wire" is a drawn steel wire used for various model building purposes, though probably not actually produced for piano use. There are various diameters available and I will be trying it soon, to replace the elastic bungee on my pinhole camera back when I rebuild it with a more normal back design. The wire is a possibility at least, as it is easily available. The brass strip, from similar retailers locally, turned out to not be springy enough and would deform too easily.

8-Apr-2016, 19:18
If you want to use hacksaw blades consider giving them a deep black oxide finish; simple to do and inexpensive with white vinegar.

11-Jul-2017, 14:34
I use the springs from car windscreen wipers

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