View Full Version : shooting style with 11x14 (or other ULF)

rich caramadre
8-Mar-2016, 16:33
Most of the images I see shot with 11x14 or bigger are middle distance shots. Or old buildings etc... Mostly static feeling. Does anyone do near far type of shots with ULF cameras? You know the ones I'm referring to. Like the 90mm on 4x5, low to the ground with the flowers exaggerated and the mountain thrown back in the distance. I ask because I finally got my 11x14 put together and just spent the afternoon in the back yard trying to set up that style of shot and walked away frustrated. I figured if I was to try it I should use the widest lens I could. I settled on my 240mm which I will admit does not cover 11x14 at infinity but thought since I will be focusing close to the foreground subject it might work just for the exercise. I guess get foreground and background in focus best I can then stop way down. Good enough for contact printing?

Now let me say before anyone gets defensive about my "static feeling" comment. It's not meant to be negative. Just an observation. I myself seem to gravitate toward longer lenses on my 8x10 and 5x7.

Drew Bedo
10-Mar-2016, 06:19
It is [pssible that Depth-of-Field issues are involved.