View Full Version : "Journals"?

7-Mar-2016, 05:54
Just an idea or suggestion I have seen on another couple of forums... not sure if the moderators allow it or if there is enough server space but thought it might be worth mentioning.

Would it be a good idea to open a dedicated "Journals" subforum where people can have their own dedicated threads as journals of their photographic adventures/inventions/logbook of their photographic life so other people can get a good insight into how they operate? Much like how say on health & fitness forums people have fitness logs, automotive forums people have car modification journals etc etc?

Just a thought and something other users may enjoy or get a bit out of.

Ralph Barker
7-Mar-2016, 07:00
Interesting idea, Alex. Unfortunately, we aren't structured to provide individual blog space for members. The existing Style & Technique and Location & Travel sub-forums, however, provide something similar.

7-Mar-2016, 07:23
No worries Ralph. Just to clarify, wasn't suggesting a different structure of website, just another sub-forum exactly the same as all the others where users can have an individual thread as a dedicated 'journal' that other members can also reply in etc.

Anyway, was just an idea I had :) Maybe if the website finds itself coming into more server space it could happen. I know I'd like to be able to keep a journal on here.

Ralph Barker
7-Mar-2016, 07:36
The issue I see, Alex, is that the format of a "discussion forum" doesn't lend itself cleanly to the concept of "journals" or blogs, where the posts from the blogger are kept separate from reader comments.

7-Mar-2016, 07:41
Fair call Ralph. I too was sceptical of it as an idea until I came across it on a couple of other forums and it actually works surprisingly well. I think the format of a forum also lends it to being a little more interactive with readers. Anyway, I won't push it any more :) Point taken.