View Full Version : Missing spring in Ilex n.5 shutter

Tom Sobota
6-Mar-2016, 12:21

I have a Ilex n.5 shutter that is missing a spring in the slow speed train. The shutter is the Ilex variant made for Kodak and it came with a Ektar 12" lens.
The slow speed train was disassembled but all the pieces were there so I managed to put it together, but the missing spring is more difficult because I don't know where it goes exactly and the form it has. I have seen similar springs in a couple of pictures of disassembled Ilex shutters that I found on the net, but they are not n.5 but smaller and they look like they are very different.

I live in Spain, so sending the shutter to Flutots for repair will probably be a bit expensive. I will try to repair it myself and if I fail, well, there will always be time to send it somewhere.
I would be very grateful to anybody that can send me a good picture of the spring in position. Also every other bit of advice available.

I marked the general position in the slow speed train with a red line in the picture.

Steve Goldstein
7-Mar-2016, 05:29
It is my understanding (translation - I've read in multiple places on the internet, but have not confirmed it directly myself) that Frank Marshman acquired all remaining shutter parts when Ilex shut down. Please send me an email if you'd like to pursue that and I'll send you Frank's contact info. He has closed his shop but still accepts some work - he has two of my shutters at the moment. He's also in the US, in Virginia.

Tom Sobota
7-Mar-2016, 06:09
Thanks, Steve. I just sent you a PM with my email address.